Producer Boney Kapoor recently shed light on the absence of Shikhar Pahariya, his daughter Janhvi Kapoor‘s boyfriend, at a recent event where pictures were being taken. He also opened up about the bond he shares with Shikhar over the years.
Addressing the situation, Boney told Zoom, “That is only because he didn’t want to be clicked. I don’t know what the reason was, he probably wanted me to have the limelight, so it wouldn’t be diluted by him being there.Or the headlines would have been ‘Shikhar and Boney’ instead of just Boney.”
Expressing his fondness for Shikhar, Boney added, “I love him! In fact, a couple of years back, Janhvi was not seeing him, but I was still friendly to him.”
When asked about his positive relationships with his daughter’s exes, Boney stated, “I was convinced that he can never be an ex (to Janhvi), he’ll always be around.”

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It is widely known that Shikhar shares a strong bond with the entire Kapoor family and has been a supportive presence even during challenging times. Reacting to this, Boney expressed gratitude, saying, “He is, and any person who has been there for you in any capacity, whether it is for Janhvi, whether it is for me, whether it is for Arjun, he is friendly to all. I feel we are really blessed to have somebody like him in our setup.”

Notably, neither Janhvi nor Shikhar have confirmed or denied their relationship; however, the two have been spotted together several times. Shikhar is the grandson of former Maharashtra chief minister Sushil Kumar Shinde. He is an entrepreneur, polo player, and philanthropist.


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