BENGALURU: Bengalurians frequently experience frustration due to the city’s traffic situation. Hours-long traffic jams cause inconvenience to the people, turning into a nightmare.
Relying on Ola and Uber for private cab rides has become a common trend due to their convenience in transportation sector.
A woman named Manasvi Sharma recently recounted her experience of reserving a cab from Bengaluru airport to the city.

Manasvi Sharma revealed that flying from Pune to Bengaluru cost Rs 3,500, but the cab fare from Bengaluru airport to the city cost Rs 2,000.
Sharma posted the incident on her X account (formerly Twitter) with a caption reading, “I booked a flight for 3.5k from Pune to Bangalore. And then, a cab for 2k from Bangalore airport to my home.”
Sharma’s post is attracting lots of attention and reactions for highlighting the poor traffic and inconvenience experienced by the people of the city.
“Should’ve booked a flight from airport to home,” commented a person.
“Other person commented”, Time to bring horses back.
Many mixed reactions and comments have been shared.


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By Singh Anoop

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