In speeches across Michigan and Wisconsin, former US President Donald Trump intensified his controversial stance on immigration, employing divisive language to criticize President Joe Biden‘s border policies. Throughout these addresses, Trump did not shy away from using dehumanizing terms to describe immigrants illegally present in the United States, marking a continuation of the polarizing rhetoric characteristic of his previous campaigns.
‘Animals’ and ‘not human’
In a speech in Michigan, Trump referred to certain immigrants as “animals” and “not human,” a repetition of language he has frequently used on the campaign trail.This rhetoric was particularly highlighted as he discussed criminal cases involving suspects who are in the country illegally.
Warning of violence and chaos
Trump painted a grim picture of the future should he lose the upcoming election, suggesting that America would be consumed by violence and chaos without his leadership. This foreboding message was echoed in his later speech in Wisconsin, where he described the 2024 election as the nation’s “final battle.”
Controversial claims and reactions
The former president made several controversial claims regarding immigrants and crime, despite available research indicating that people living in the US illegally do not commit violent crimes at a higher rate than native-born citizens. These statements have drawn criticism from Democratic circles, with Joe Biden’s campaign accusing Trump of promoting division, hate, and violence.
Political strategy
Trump’s focus on immigration and crime aims to appeal to voters’ concerns, as evidenced by a Reuters/Ipsos poll indicating that a significant portion of Republicans view immigration as the country’s top issue. Trump’s unfounded claims about migrants contributing to a rise in violent crime and being sent intentionally by Latin American nations have been a staple of his rhetoric.
Michigan and Wisconsin’s role in the election
The states of Michigan and Wisconsin, where Trump delivered his speeches, are critical battlegrounds that could determine the outcome of the 2024 presidential election. Trump’s campaign stops in these states underscore their significance in his strategy to recapture the White House.
Accusations against Biden
Amidst his controversial statements, Trump accused President Biden of causing a border “bloodbath” and failing to secure the southern border. This accusation comes as Biden’s administration points to the positive economic contributions of immigrants and the failure of bipartisan efforts to address border security and immigration reform.
Response from Biden’s campaign
The Biden campaign has countered Trump’s speeches by emphasizing Trump’s role in derailing a bipartisan border deal and politicizing tragic events for electoral gain. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer also criticized the politicization of border issues, highlighting the need for comprehensive solutions.
As the presidential election approaches, the stark contrast in rhetoric and policy between Trump and Biden on immigration and border security remains a focal point, reflecting broader divisions within American politics.
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